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Economic Autonomy

Women who were mothers before turning 18 are half as likely to access formal employment than those who had their first child as adults (INEC, Life Conditions Survey, 2014). According to the Intersectional Policy of Teen Pregnancy Prevention 2018-2025, teen pregnancy makes it 10% more likely for women to stay in the lowest economic percentile in the country (Pg. 16). The unemployment rate for young women is 17.7%, compared to 11.4% for men. And even if they are employed, young women earn ¾ of what men make (23.92% less) (EEMDU), perpetuating a cycle of poverty and inequality.

That is why the economic autonomy of young mothers is a central objective for our project. In Casa Taller La Ribera, we provide technical training, tools for entrepreneurship, as well as internships and job opportunities through a Network of Allied Organizations